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Real Geeks is the IDX website provider we use to send Ad traffic to

This website acts as a home search site & connects to your MLS to display listings

A lead capture form pops up after clicking on a property (how we get leads)

After you complete the 4 parts below, we connect with Real Geeks and set everything up 


Part 1 – Buying Your Website Domain

Before signing up for your Real Geeks website you need to secure a domain for the website

Click HERE to get your domain

*We want this website to look like a home search site, not your personal site*

For this reason, choose a domain similar to one of the following (with your city):,,,

Click “Get a new domain from Squarespace” to see what domains are available (like the examples above)

In the box “Start your search here” start entering domain names to see what’s available

After finding a domain that works, checkout and secure it (should only be $12/year)

You will host the Real Geeks website on this domain later, don’t worry about this now

Part 2 – Sending Us Your Domain

Enter the domain you just bought into the box below

Part 3 – Signing Up

Click HERE to go to our Real Geeks sign up page

Complete the “Account Information” form

Then complete the Real Geeks Docusign and payment
(Do not opt in for Google PPC or Facebook Marketing)

Then complete the Real Geeks form that asks for your MLS info 
(This is what allows your website to connect to the MLS and display listings)

Part 4 – Finishing Up

After you complete the Real Geeks MLS form and submit the required MLS info, we will take over and finish the website build for you

We will get in contact with Real Geeks and coordinate with them so that you can move on to next steps while we handle everything

Submit “Yes” in the box below AFTER you have submitted the Real Geeks MLS form

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