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Google Ads is the platform that powers our lead machine & distributes our ads

After you complete the 3 parts below, we handle the rest 


Part 1 – Signing Up

Click HERE to go to Google Ads

Click “Start Now” and sign in to get started

It’s going to try and get you to immediately start creating a campaign

DO NOT create a campaign right now, click Create an account without a campaign

Part 2 – Adding a Payment Profile

Once you’re in your new account, click Billing on the left side bar
(If you don’t see a left side bar, click Tools and Settings at the top and then go to Billing from there)

Add a Payment Profile on this page

Part 3 – Sending Us Your Account Number

At the top right of your screen, you’ll see your email and above that, a number that looks like a phone number (XXX-XXX-XXXX) – this is your Google Ads Account Number

*Enter your Account Number into the box below*

We need your Google Ads account number to establish a secure link between our accounts, allowing us to manage your campaigns without directly accessing your personal Google account

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