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Google Ads guide

Explore our Google Ads funnel from click to close so that you know what's going on behind the scenes

What This Covers

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Google Ads terms & metrics

Lead-related terms & metrics

Top-to-bottom funnel overview

Long term performance forecast

Forecast breakdown

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Part 1

Google Ads Terms & Metrics


The number of times your ads were shown
This tells you how many total eyeballs you reached


The number of times somebody clicked on your ad (and went to your website)

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The percent of people that clicked on your ads, divided by the total number of times your ads were shown
If your ad was shown 100 times & it got 10 clicks, your click through rate is 10%
CTR is a very helpful metric when determining how relevant your ad is to the people that you’re targeting
If your CTR is high then your ad closely (if not exactly) matches what people are searching/looking for

Cost Per Click (CPC)

This is how Google charges you for advertising – you pay every time your ads get clicked
You divide the amount of ad spend by the number of clicks
If you spend $100 on Google Ads & get 100 clicks, your CPC is $1.00

Conversion Rate

The percent of clicks that convert into leads (people that opt in on your website in our case)
You divide the number of leads by the number of clicks
If you get 100 leads from 1,000 total clicks, your conversion rate is 10%
Conv. rate shows us how relevant your landing page (website) is to what they were searching for


Cost Per Lead (CPL)

The amount of money you pay for every lead
Divide the ad spend by the number of conversions (leads)
If you spend $100 per day on Google Ads & get 4 leads per day, your CPL is $25.00

Google Analytics Terms & Metrics

Engagement Rate

The percent of people (clicks) that engage with your landing page (website)
These are people that click around on your site & do not immediately leave after clicking your ad
This tells you how relevant your landing page is to what they searched for

Bounce Rate

The percent of people (clicks) that do NOT engage with your landing page (website)
 This metric is the opposite of the engagement rate (100% – engagement %)
This shows what % of people (clicks) did not get what they searched for

Views Per Session

The number of pages somebody views on your website after clicking your ad
This shows how many subsequent pages people viewed on your site after going to your landing page from the ad
High views per session correlates with engagement % & shows how much value people get from your site

Average Session Duration

How long people spend on your site after clicking on your ad and going to your landing page
This shows how relevant your landing page is to what they searched for – just like views per session & engagement %

Part 2

Lead-Related Terms & Metrics

Invalid Lead %

The percent of leads that sign up with fake contact info or are not interested/not qualified
(Fake leads + not interested leads + not qualified leads)/all leads

Valid Lead %

The percent of leads that are not invalid – these are people we can actually reach out to
(All leads – invalid leads)/all leads

Overall Contact %

The percent of leads you make contact with & talk over phone, text or email, regardless of what they say

Engaged Lead %

The percent of leads that are interested, but are not in the 6 month window & need to be nurtured

Hot Lead %

The percent of leads that are interested & are in the 6 month buy/sell window

Show Up %

The percent of hot leads that show up to the intro call w/ you (the agent)

Close %

The percent of hot leads you talk to that you end up transacting with you

Part 3

Funnel Overview


Click Through Rate


Engagement Rate

Views Per Session

Average Session Duration

Conversion Rate


Valid Lead %

Valid Leads

Engaged Lead %

Engaged Leads

Hot Lead %

Hot Leads

Show Up %

Hot Leads Talked To

Close %

Closed Deals

Part 4

Long Term Performance Forecast

Open the spreadsheet below & make a copy

Go through part 5 to see how it works

Part 5

Forecast Breakdown

Using the data input table

Edit the numbers next to the boxes that say edit…

Do NOT edit the blue boxes (these have formulas)

Feel free to edit the Valid Lead %, Engaged Lead %, Hot Lead % and Show Up %, but we put averages in here already

Play around with the numbers & see the overall throughput on closed deals at the bottom

We can accurately forecast lead flow, engaged leads (nurtures), & hot leads using this table, however the close % here depends 100% on your ability

The Hot lead % fluctuates seasonally as well, but over a long enough time horizon we’ll have a consistent %

Now look at the chart to the right of the data table…

This is a 2 year forecast that pulls all the numbers from the data input table and puts it into a quarterly visual

You have to edit the closed deals row by entering numbers where the zeros are
(Under the chart you will see a graph based on the deals you entered)


The estimates for Total Sales Volume, Deals Closed, Total GCI, Net Profit & ROI are not measured within the initial time frame entered in the data input table (12 months), but over an extended period of time (if fully realized at all)

This is because of the time delay between when a lead comes in & when they close AND your ability to close

To accurately measure the full ROI here, we need to be thinking in years, not months

Top of Funnel Metrics:

Your monthly ad spend is what feeds this entire system & is the starting point for success
Too little ad spend & you’ll struggle to get results

Decreasing your cost per lead (CPL) while your monthly ad spend remains the same will increase your lead flow
A high CPL is the ultimate bottleneck – amazing performance across all other metrics is irrelevant if leads aren’t flowing in

Increasing your valid lead % increases the number of leads you can engage
If your valid lead % drops, the effective cost per valid/potentially interested lead rises & vice versa

Increasing your engaged lead % gives more opportunity for hot leads to pop up
If your engaged lead % drops, the effective cost per engaged lead (someone we had a positive conversation with) rises & vice versa

Bottom of Funnel Metrics:

Increasing your Hot Lead % increases the number of leads ready to buy/sell in the next 6 months
Your hot lead % is is the biggest lever on your success – a high hot lead % fills up your pipeline

A higher Show up % ensures more leads begin the buying/selling process
When your show up % drops you are essentially decreasing your hot lead % & losing opportunities

Boosting your Closing % maximizes overall deal conversion
Your closing % is where you capitalize on all the prior work put into improving all of the above metrics


Every metric explained above has its own unique impact & our goal is to stack as many of these metric improvements as possible to get outsized returns

There are more ways to increase your opportunities & the amount of deals closed from your ad spend than you might think

Only tracking your closing percentage is like focusing solely on your wins & losses, but not on your touchdowns, receiving/rushing yards, pass completion %, fourth-down conversion %, etc. (The critical stats that actually determine the game’s outcome)

When you track every single metric leading up to your closing percentage, you know exactly what’s happening every step of the way and where the bottlenecks are

Tracking all of these metrics gives us a clearer picture of where to improve & how to forecast future results

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