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Going live

Explore the entire going live process from the second our agreement is executed


Agreement Executed

Onboarding Portal Link Sent To You

Schedule Your Activation Session

We Build Out Your CRM

Create the layout

Add all tags & stages

Customize and insert text + email scripts

We Test Your Calendly Event

We book a test event

Ensure event is set up correctly

Ensure workflows trigger correctly

Explore the Hot Lead Guide & Follow Up Boss CRM Guide

Activation Session Takes Place

Real Geeks Alerts You/Us That The Site is Ready

You Host the Site On Your Domain

Instructions HERE

We Immediately Start Building Your Google Ads Campaign

Ads Go Live 24 Hours Later

The goal is to be live within 7 days

It normally takes Real Geeks a little under a week to build your site

We want everything completed before the Real Geeks site is ready this way we can immediately build the campaign and go live ASAP

Our going live timeline depends on your ability to complete your tasks on time

We'll give you instructions telling you exactly when to complete each part

Recap of Your Tasks Before Going Live

Reporting & Communication

Onboarding Phase

Google Ads Launch

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Month 2

Month 3

After Month 3

Daily instructions & progress updates via email

Activation Session Zoom meeting

Available via call/text/email whenever

Going live email sent to you when the ads are ready

Ads go live the second after you give the green light

Daily progress updates via email

Week 1 progress overview report via email

End of week 2 walk through zoom meeting

Week 2 progress overview report via email

Week 3 progress overview report via email

Month 1 strategy session zoom meeting

Month 1 in-depth progress report via email

Month 2 strategy session zoom meeting

Month 2 report via email

Month 3 strategy session zoom meeting

Month 3 report via email

First quarter summary & overview report via email

Monthly strategy session zoom meetings (if needed)

Quarterly meetup on zoom

Monthly reports via email

Quarterly summary & overview reports via email

Yearly deep-dive reports via email

Notes on Reports

Reports cover all Google Ads campaign metrics along with important lead engagement metrics

Reports will note strong points as well as current bottlenecks to help add some context to all the metrics

Weekly reports will be sent out via email for the first 4 weeks – after that we switch to monthly reports

Weekly or Bi-weekly reports can always be sent out upon request

Our monthly & quarterly reports provide a more comprehensive view of performance, reducing the noise & fluctuations that are present on a weekly timeframe

Notes on Communication

After having a few meetings the first month, we’ll move to a monthly meeting cadence

After month 3, we may find that a monthly meeting isn’t needed – in that case we’ll meet every other month or once a quarter

If a monthly meeting isn’t 100% necessary, it will be substituted with explanations, overviews & a screen recording analysis via email

We’ll be in regular contact week to week, or even daily via email/phone/text

A line of communication will always be open – you’ll be responded to within an hour, 7 days a week
(In most cases, you’ll be responded to in a few minutes)

Complete on a Computer

Not available on mobile/tablet

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