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Follow Up Boss is the CRM we use to organize & follow up with leads

It is by far the best real estate CRM and is extremely powerful when paired with Real Geeks

After you create your account & send us the login, we build everything out


Part 1 – Signing Up

Click HERE to go to Follow Up Boss

Start the 14 Day Free Trial

Don’t use one of your personal passwords, as we will be logging in

You are all set after creating the account, no need to do anything else

Part 2 – Sending Us Your Login

Submit the email and password for your Follow Up Boss account below

We need the login to build out your CRM’s layout, functions, & integrations so that you don’t have to

Once we’re live & leads are coming in, we use this account to contact and follow up with everyone

Part 3 – Additional Info

Don't worry about this part right now - just a heads up (Go to Next Step)

After the 14 day free trial ends the CRM costs $69/month and the dialer costs $39/month)

You will also need to submit an EIN to register the CRM phone number to your business
(The purpose of doing this is to let major cell carriers know that you are a trusted business so that they deliver your CRM’s text messages)

Find info on how to get an EIN and register your business phone # HERE

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