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Calendly is the appointment booking tool we use to streamline the process of connecting Hot Leads & the agent (via phone call)


Part 1 – Signing Up

Click HERE to go to Calendly and sign up for an account

*Sign up using your main Google/Outlook account that is linked to your Google/Outlook calendar*

Part 2 – Adding Profile Picture & Logo

When on the Calendly home page, click “Account” in the top right, then click “Settings”

Under “Profile”, click “Upload Picture” to add your profile picture
(Scroll down & click “Save Changes”)

Click on “Branding” on the left side bar, then click “Upload Image” to add your logo
(Scroll down a click “Save Changes”)

Part 3 – Setting Your Availability

Click “Account” at the top right of the Calendly home page

Click “Availability” from the dropdown

Set your available times – ideally 9am-6pm, 7 days a week (Can be shorter on weekends)

This is the timeframe you’ll be available to take phone calls with hot leads

Calendly will crosscheck with your Google or Outlook calendar for existing events & block out times you’re busy

Part 4 – Upgrading Your Account for Workflows

Workflows send your invitees texts + emails reminding them of the event (call) to reduce no shows & get more people on the phone

Workflows require the “Professional” Calendly plan ($15/month or $12/month if paid yearly)

To secure the Professional plan click on “Account” in the top right, then click “Admin” and then “Billing”

Upgrade to the individual Professional plan

Part 5 – Setting Up Email Integration

This part ensures that Calendly email workflows send from your Gmail/Outlook email

To set this up go to the Calendly home page and then click “Integrations” in the top right next to “Help”

Scroll down on that page until you see the Gmail logo saying “Gmail for Workflows” & then Click that 
(If you use Outlook, look for “Outlook for Workflows” with the Outlook logo)

Then connect your email

Part 6 – Creating The Event

This part goes over setting up the event & the settings that we want

Watch the 2 minute video below to create the Event

Copy and paste the Event Name & Description from the text box below the video

Event Name: Intro Call w/ [Agent Name]

Event Description:  In this meeting we will explore your home buying criteria and goals to tailor your custom home search. We will discuss every step of the buying process to ensure you are well-informed and comfortable. Looking forward to chatting soon!

Part 7 – Adding The Workflows

This part goes over setting up your workflows for the event you just created (text & email reminders)

Watch the 4 minute video below to set up the 4 workflows

Copy and paste the texts & email from the text box below the video

Text for booking confirmation workflow (copy and paste):
Hi {{invitee_first_name}}! – You’re scheduled for an {{event_name}} on {{event_date}} at {{event_time}}. Chat then! – {{event_organizer_name}}

Text for 2 Hour text reminder workflow (copy and paste):
Hey {{invitee_first_name}}! Super excited to go over your [LOCATION] home buying plans & set you up with our tools + resources. I’ll call you in 2 hours from [YOUR #] – {{event_organizer_name}}

Text for 30 Minute text reminder workflow (copy and paste):
Hi {{invitee_first_name}}! Quick 30 minute reminder. I’ll call from my # at {{event_time}} – {{event_organizer_name}}

Email for 3 Hour email reminder workflow (copy and paste):
Subject Line: Reminder: {{event_name}} in 3 Hours
Email Body: 
Hi {{invitee_first_name}},

Hope you’re doing amazing so far today. Just a quick reminder before our call in 3 hours at {{event_time}}. I’ll give you a ring from [YOUR PHONE NUMBER HERE] then. 

Chat soon.

Thank You!

Part 8 – Sending Us Your Event Link

Go to the Calendly home screen

Click “Copy link” on the Intro Call Event

Paste that link into the box below and submit

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